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Welcome to Farmer and the Dale!

The CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) of the future

Farmer and the Dale provides farm fresh produce from apples to walnuts and everything in between in an exciting new arrangement with our customers. Each week, our customers can login to their account and select the kinds of produce they'd prefer. In about a week, it gets delivered right to their homes! Up until now, customers in this type of program have been locked in to a specific delivery each week, with no choice in the specific products that are a part of that delivery. Also, our service provides customers the incredible convenience of having that produce delivered right to their front door.

The large majority of our produce comes from our own Lone Oak Ranch, a small family farm located in Reedley, California. Dale Simmons is a fourth generation farmer who works with his sons to keep the family traditions alive. For the past seventeen years, they have traveled all over California and parts of Nevada selling their produce at Farmers markets. Ever since then, friends of the family have been asking them to bring back the different types of produce found all over the state.

We are now proud to offer to everyone the same opportunity to enjoy the best produce California has to offer. Check it out!

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